Hawkwoods VL-MCF1 - V-Lok mini hot-swap plate



V-Lok mini hot-swap plate
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Hawk-Woods VL-MCF1 Mini V-Lok Hot Swap Camera Plate

The Hawk-Woods VL-MCF1 is a V-mount camera plate that allows you to hot swap two Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok batteries. It features an LED indication scheme that lets you know when it's allowed to hot swap and when it isn't. When you attach your batteries, a green LED lights up solid. When your camera begins to pull current, the green LED starts flashing. When a red LED begins flashing, that means you should hot swap now or soon you won't be able to. And when the red LED turns solid, that means it's too late to swap.

The intelligent LED scheme takes into consideration that when you remove one battery, the other will need to pick up the load for both. It determines battery status against the total amount of current being drawn, and the red LED starts flashing at 12.7V. The VL-MCF1 also features two D-Tap outputs for powering accessories. This plate fits on the back of most cameras that support V-mount plates.

Note: The VL-MCF1 does not fit RED cameras because the D-Tap on the side gets in the way. Please see the VL-MCF2 for RED compatibility.

Key Features

- V-mount camera plate for two Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok batteries

- Hot-swap capability with intelligent LED indication scheme

- Dual D-Tap outputs

- Made in the UK




Accessory Ports

2 x D-Tap


6.1 x 4 x 1" (15.5 x 10 x 2.5 cm)


Approx. 9.2 oz (260 g)



Charger Accessory

Battery Accessory



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