Pilotfly PFRM1B - Pilotfly RM-01B New

Pilotfly PFRM1B - Pilotfly RM-01B


New product

Bluetooth Remote control for all new Pilotfly gimbals (H2-45, C45) including Motion Timelaps function

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The RM-1B is the updated version of the RM-1. It is a lightweight and ergonomic remote control to control the Pilotfly H2-45, Pilotfly T1 and C45 products. It is not compatible with SP-1, Action-1 and FunnyGo2.Power it on and the remote control will automatically establish the connection with the Pilotfly gimbal.The intuitive and clear structured control buttons and with the 4-way-joystick open you endless possiblities of remote video shooting. Control each axes, change modes or do a Gyro calibration. And we made it even better, with the integrated timelapse function and the new Motion Timelapse feature you are able to setup your gimbal for timelapse and motion timelapse over all three axis without programming any script. To control your gimbal via remote was never easier.


- 4-way joysitck for Pitch & Roll
- Side wheel for Roll axis
- Mode button to select pre-configured modes of gimbal
- Timelapse (setting time, angle) 5 , 10 ,30 ,60 ,120mins / 360 degree
- Motion Timelapse over all three axis
- Built-in battery (600mAh rechargeable battery) for 20hr operating time
- Dimension: 102 x 16 x 15mm
- Weight 30g

Package includes:

- Remote Control RM-01B
Note: The RM-1B is not compatible with SP-1, Action-1 and FunnyGo2.

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