Pilotfly PF2HHV3 - 2-Hand Handle for H2 (Bluetooth 4.0) ver.3 New

Pilotfly PF2HHV3 - 2-Hand Handle for H2 (Bluetooth 4.0) ver.3


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2-Hand Handle for Pilotfly H2-45 & C45 with 4 way joystick, Motion Timelapse function (Bluetooth 4.0)

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Pilotfly 2-Hand Handle

Pilotfly products are highly flexible and versatile, so as the new 2-hand-holder which can be mounted on the Pilotfly-H2-45 or Pilotfly-T1. The extraordinary lightweight construction of CNC aluminum and carbon fiber makes the handle to a very lightweight (480gram) companion. The tool less design saves time for the setup, provides you high flexibility for the transport and opens new ways for your shooting also in extreme situations. The 2-hand-holder is equipped with a 4-way joystick for a easy control of Pitch and Yaw axis.

The pre-configured profiles can be easily selected with the "Mode-Button". No wiring anymore since the control is done via Bluetooth which gives you an even higher flexibility. The battery compartment for 4 x 18650 Li-Ion batteries is the holder itself, so no more wires hanging around. The top handle can be easily removed and with the integrated 1/4" screw hole it provides you the possibility to mount on an additional monitor or microphone. The Pilotfly 2-hand holder provides you a very high versatility and gives you the utmost flexibility also in difficult shootings situations on the set. And now also with integrated Time-lapse function!!!

Pilotfly 2-Hand Handle Features

- Lightweight design
- Simple disassembly
- Endless shooting scenarios with (Underslung Mode, Upright Mode or Briefcase Mode)
- Compatible with Pilotlfy-H2-45 and Pilotfly-T1 gimbal
- Tool less design
- 4-way joystick to control YAW and Pitch axis
- Mode button for selecting the profiles and initialize the gyro calibration
- Time-lapse Function
- Motion Time-lapse Function
- Remove via Bluetooth, no disturbing wires anymore
- Integrated battery compartment for 4 x 18650 (unprotected) Li-Ion batteries
- 1/4" screw hole on top handle
- Power supply through 4 x 18650 (unprotected) Li-Ion batteries
- Power of Bluetooth module through 1 x 18350 (unprotected) Li-Ion battery

Compatibility: H2-45 and T1 Gimbal
Dimensions: 350 x 210 x 140mm (13.78 x 8.27 x 5.51")
Weight: 480g (16.93 oz)

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