Panasonic TH-80BF1E - 80" Full-HD LCD-Display, Black



203 cm (80") Full HD LCD display, black, LED, 350 cd / m?, interactive, digital link, WLAN /...
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The black 80" BF1 Series Multi-Touch Full HD Professional Display from Panasonic incorporates intuitive touchscreen technology, interactive whiteboard functionality, and wireless connectivity to allow you and your colleagues to work more closely as a team. The built-in whiteboard lets you start working right away, without the need to connect to a PC. When connected to a USB storage device, it can play Full HD videos, still images, and digital documents. The display can connect to a variety of other devices and quickly switch between sources, in addition to allowing for writing and drawing on almost any media. The Color Universal Design feature helps maintain accurate color information for those who have difficultly distinguishing certain color combinations. With Full HD resolution, easy operation, and multi-touch interactivity, this display is suitable for video conferences, meetings, classrooms, presentations, public information, and more. And thanks to the anti-glare screen surface, this display offers clear visibility even in bright ambient light.

User-Friendly Whiteboard

- Built-in quick-start whiteboard does not require a connected PC

- Color Universal Design for whiteboard makes all colors clearly distinguishable for people with color-vision defects

- Convenient floating menu bar streamlines operation

- Draw straight or freehand lines, change line thickness, color, and background with simple tool palette

- Intuitive operation with precision 12-point touch sensor (supports up to 12 points with Whiteboard Software for Windows and up to 4 points with built-in Whiteboard software and Whiteboard Software for Mac)

- Write and draw on media transmitted from external devices, including video and still images

Wireless Support

- Intel Pro WiDi compatibility to mirror video, documents, and websites on supported Windows PCs or Android devices

- Intel Pro WiDi includes managed meeting modes to suit various meeting formats

- Wireless Manager Software wirelessly transmits media from Windows/Mac including transmission to eight displays from a single PC

- Apps for iOS/Android enables easy wireless media transmission

- Wireless apps support simultaneous transmission from up to 16 devices in multi-screen mode

System Flexibility and Additional Features

- Plays Full HD video, still images, and digital documents from USB storage devices

- DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed Full HD video, audio, and control commands through a single Cat5e cable for up to 328’ (100 m)

- Compatible with Crestron Connected Automation and Control software

- Supports connection of a second display or projector via VGA cable

- Customizable connectivity with optional slot 2.0 terminal boards

- Anti-glare screen surface for clear visibility in bright ambient light

- Picture-in-picture functions display images from multiple sources simultaneously (includes picture-in-whiteboard mode)

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