Hoodman H-WS1 - Camcorder Support System


The Hoodman WristShot H-WS1 camcorder support system eliminates wrist fatigue by...
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The Hoodman WristShot DSLR Support System is a versatile piece of photo 

gear designed to bring increased stability to your handheld images while 

reducing wear and tear on the wrist and forearm. Capable of supporting 

any DSLR, the WristShot combines strap-on pads with an articulating arm 

that can be adjusted on 5 axes, allowing you to lock the camera into position 

for optimal stability and comfort. With one hand free to adjust image settings, 

you can easily switch between handheld or tripod shooting via the quick-release 

universal tripod adapter mount. No matter your shape, size, or shooting style, 

the WristShot helps you shoot better, more usable DSLR video for longer periods of time.

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