DeSisti 4650.230 - CYC DE-LUX 120V 2x55W (tot. 110W) M.O. ON/OFF



Cyclorama light fluorescent luminaire, High Efficiency Asymmetrical Reflectors, Manual...
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The DE-LUX fixtures have the highest output per aperture and are the most controllable fluorescent fixtures on the market today. The new DE-LUX is a response to the long time needs of the Lighting Industry. Competitive pricing while reducing studio operating costs, without effecting the creativity and artistic freedom of the designer or customer is De Sisti’s challenge. The result - The DE-LUX.

DE-LUX fixtures are extremely versatile, and utilize a dual accessory track for loading gel frames and egg crates. The high efficiency optical system does not require the use of intensifiers, reducing the overall dimensions and weight of the fixture.

DE-LUX Versions: Units are available in either manual or pole operated in 3 versions: ANALOG, DMX, PHASE CONTROL, all using High Frequency Electronics. The Analog, DMX and Phase control versions feature a very smooth control curve. The above versions are available for both 120V and 230V voltages.

The DE-LUX fixtures use the 55 watt biax lamps (compact fluorescents) rated for 10,000 hours, which are available in 5600°K daylight or 3200°K tungsten, with different color rendering indexes (RGB or STUDIO-LINE).


DE LUX Fluorescenta are also available with asymmetrical reflectors, to provide a very uniform and evenlight distribution over a cyclorama cloth or a background. The above mentioned special optics allows for the CYC DE LUX to be located quite near to the background at the ceiling and yet provide the necessary light uniformity over the area of the cyclorama, without reflecting any coloured light on the actors shoulders.

The combination of the CYC DE LUX for wall lighting and the STANDARD DE LUX, for floor lighting, is an IDEAL package solution for BLUE or GREEN BOX Studios (Chroma Key and Ultimatte applications).


- Lightweight steel housing with low glare black epoxy powder coating.

- High efficiency reflector system eliminates the need for an external intensifier, while reducing the weight, size and cost.

- ANALOG, DMX or PHASE CONTROL versions are available for either 120V or 230V operation.

- Local intensity control available on ANALOG and DMX versions.

- Use 2 x 55 watt biax lamps (compact fluorescents) rated for 10,000 hours, which are available in 5600°K daylight or 3200°K tungsten, with different color rendering indexes (for instance RGB or STUDIO-LINE).

- Power consumption 110 W

- DE-LUX fixtures are available with either positive lock manual yokes for comfort and ease of handling, or pole operated yokes which can be used via the lighting pole for Panning and Tilting the lights as well as manually, since the mechanical activators are equipped with clutches.

- Custom bracketing systems are available on request for simple configurations of DE-LUX sources.

The accessories are secure regardless of the orientation of the fixture. Accessories have been designed for one hand installation.

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