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ATEM CCU Lite Controller for Blackmagic Cameras

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Skaarhoj ATEM CCU Lite

Pure master black and iris control cut to the bone. Adjust up to 4 individual Blackmagic Cameras with the large aluminum multi turn dials. And with the SDI-B4 Link you can get iris control for your B4 lens as well. The large aluminum turn dials let you control iris and master black for 4 cameras at the same time. You can even fine-tune the parameter by pushing down on the dial, to enter fine adjustment mode. You go back to coarse control by pushing it again. The broadcast quality push buttons let you autoroute the selected camera to a specific ATEM AUX channel so you always get a full size image of the feed you are adjusting. They even let you group cameras so you can globally adjust settings simultaneously, relatively from their original position. For iris control with B4 lenses, we have developed the ATEM-B4 Link box that let you control iris directly from the ATEM CCU Lite controller. Check out our BMD Camera Support Page to learn which features we currently support for the line of Blackmagic Design Digital Film Cameras and Live Production Cameras.


- 4 x 35mm multi turn dial (aluminium knob) control for Iris

- 4 x 24mm multi turn dial (aluminium knob) control for Master Black

- 4 red, green or amber broadcast quality buttons for camera selection

- Transparent button caps for custom labels

- Web configuration interface for settings

- Completely self contained unit with SKAARDUINO inside

- Durable enclosure

- Compatible with all BMDs studio cameras

- 100% Creative Commons/Open Source design (CC-by-sa or GNU/GPL)

- Dimensions: 29.5 x 18 x 7.5 cm

- Weight: 1.104 kg

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