AJA Pak1000-R2 - 1TB SSD module, HFS+



1TB SSD module, HFS+ Pack Dock required for connection to host computer
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AJA's Pak1000 1TB is a high-capacity SSD for recording 4K, 2K, and HD video on AJA's Ki Pro Quad recorder. 
The drive is encased in a rugged protective housing designed to withstand repeated use in the field. 
For offloading recordings, the drive inserts into an optional AJA Pak Dock that outputs by Thunderbolt or USB 3.0.

File-based recording means your files are your master copy - something you don't want to leave to chance.
Pak Media uses a solid metal housing to protect the internal SSD drive from the bumps and bounces of field use, ensuring your media is secure.
The reinforced connector is engineered for repeated insertion and removal cycles, unlike the connector built into SSD drives, which is designed primarily to be inserted into a computer and rarely removed.

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