Sennheiser SL-TS133-GN-SET-DW-3-EU - Wireless Tablestand Set



Wireless microphone table set. Includes SL Tablestand 133-S DW transceiver, MEG 14-40 B...
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The SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set SL TS 133 GN Set DW includes the SL Tablestand 133-S DW, the MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone, the SL Rack Receiver DW and everything needed for usage and installation.

The wireless SL Tablestand 133-S DW together the included MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphpne with cardioid directivity is dedicated to speech.

Because of its compatibility with all Sennheiser XLR-3 gooseneck microphones, the SL DW Wireless Tablestand 133-S is optimized for podium discussions, speeches and lectures.

Being independent from any cables, the SL Tablestand 133-S DW offers a highly flexible solution for users. It features the most common wireless Qi charging standard. It can either be charged wirelessly or via USB. The wireless charging base CHG QI 2 for two mobile devices is available separately. The SL Tablestand 133-S DW Set comes with rechargeable accupack with up to 10 hours of operating time.

It can be monitored and controlled with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.


- Qi Charging - most common wireless Charging standard

- Compatibel with all Sennheiser XLR-3-gooseneck microphones

- Includes everything needed to install and use the wireless SL Tablestand 133-S DW

- Clear battery life indication via dedicated battery status LEDs

- Can be remote controlled with Sennheiser Control Cockpit

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