Vinten V3851-0001 - Quattro SE Gen assy, blk, ROW



Quattro SE Gen assy, blk, ROW Quattro SE pedestal including base to VRI cable management...
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Vinten Quattro SE Encoded Manual Pedestal

The Vinten Quattro SE Encoded Manual Pedestal is a lightweight and compact manually operated pedestal with built-in encoders. It features a combination of simplified homing and setup procedures, precise digital electronic positioning, and on shot performance for use in virtual studios. The pedestal features an ergonomically assisted lifting column and small doorway width.

To provide the tracking solution, high quality precision encoders have been integrated into the wheels and column. It also includes an electronic module and base processor which deliver the accurate position data for all axes. This combination with the head information provides precise real-time digital electronic positioning over the floor and in elevation. APDA is included to simplify the setup procedure and provide the configuration and operator’s user interface. This is delivered through various calibration routines, head setup, and optical axis offset input, whilst also providing the operator with enhanced functionality such as quick homing and virtual set trimming. The homing procedure further simplifies ease of operation with flexibility on the direction and angle of approach, and a fast targeting option.

A cable management system is incorporated into the pedestal, to prevent the cable being caught or tangled during repositioning. To simplify virtual tracking solutions, the output from the pedestal is integrated with the Vision 250E, Vector 430i, Vector 750i, and Vector 950i head, and lens position is feedback into a single data channel to the rendering system of a virtual software image generator.

- Optimum and simplified manual adjustment capability

- Precise, real-time digital electronic positioning of floor and height movement

- PDA user interface simplifies set up in the virtual studio and provides positional feedback and calibration data




Maximum Load Capacity

187 lb (85 kg)

On-Shot Stroke

39.4" (100.0 cm)

Transit Doorway Width

With Small Steering Ring: 29.3" (74.5 cm)

With Large Steering Ring: 32.3" (82.0 cm)


Ground Clearance: 0.8" (2.0 cm)

Cable Guards

Single Point Action


X & Y +/- 70mm+/- 1° (triangle move)

Degrees of Freedom

Pedestal Only: 4 (X, Y, Z, and Base Orientation)

Included in Serial Protocol Output: 4 (P, T, Z, and F)


X, Y, Z: ±<1mm

Orientation: ± 0.02°


Maximum Height: 58.9" (149.8 cm)

Minimum Height: 19.6" (49.8 cm)

Dimensions (H x W)

58.9 x 29.3" (149.8 x 74.5 cm)


Without Trim Weights: 300.6 lb (136.3 kg)


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