Vinten V3952-0007 - FP-188+ Pedestal with APS



Robotic/Manual Pedestal controlling elevation and X-Y position on the studio floor. Absolute...
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Robotic and Manual Pedestal with APS (Absolute Positioning System) 

The FP-188+ Robotic and Manual Pedestal with APS uses laser scanner technology to constantly reference its position with no need for manual retargeting. Using discreet, small, targets placed around the studio, which can be colour matched to the backdrop, the FP-188+ with APS delivers exact movement to pre-set shots, across all of the studio floor.The unit’s generous payload of 85kg /188 lbs is capable of supporting an expanded camera/prompter package including the talent-facing vanity monitor often attached to the head during HD production. New differential wheel trucks maximise floor traction to enhance Vinten’s already unmatched shot stability performance.The quality of performance in manual or robotic mode allows a studio to be used as either fully robotic or fully manual, without compromising the operator’s familiarity with Vinten’s manual pedestals or robotic user interfaces.The fully continuous steering capability is delivered through the column found on the Quartz pedestal in the Vinten manual studio range, allowing studio pedestal operators to be instantly familiar with the operating benefits of Perfect Balance.With all the on shot characteristics you would expect, this robotic pedestal has a maximum height velocity of 150mm (6”) per second, and a maximum floor speed of 300mm (12”) per second.The electronic units are housed in easy access modules in the base of the pedestal, allowing board and full pack swap out.The FP-188+ is compatible with all Vinten Control Systems and Robotic Heads.

Key Features and Benefits 

- Constant referncing from any position 

- Fast switch from manual, no retargeting 

- Smooth on-air movement acoss the whole studion floor 

- Fits any studion layout 

- Track free, zero accumulated error


PTZ - Pan & Tilt System

Pedestal Zubehör

Motorisierte Kamera Zubehör


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