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Osprey Elite Pedestal. The Elite is the most versatile of the Osprey range, designed to...
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Vinten Osprey Elite OB 2-Stage Steering Pedestal (Black) - Supports 165 lbs 

The award-winning Vinten Osprey Elite OB 2-Stage Steering Pedestal is a high performance, lightweight pedestal capable of handling a wide range of digital and portable cameras. The pedestal provides extensive on-shot movement capability with full crab and steer functionality. The Osprey Elite's special folding design makes it easy to transport. Designed with field shooting in mind, the Osprey Elite OB (outside broadcast) comes fitted with large 6.3" wheels.

Eliminating the need to concentrate on camera balance allows the camera operator to focus entirely on framing. Vinten's standard of high quality pedestals for both soundstages and on-location shoots, along with their design innovation ensure the perfect shot every time.

Lightweight Construction

The pedestal's versatility is heightened by its extremely lightweight design, allowing it to support almost twice its weight.

High Payload Capacity

The Osprey Elite can hold up to 165 lbs, making it a premium performer for most cameras.

Low-Pressure Counterbalance

Vinten's Low-Pressure counterbalance system compensates perfectly for gravity.

Easily Transportable

The unit collapses into two lightweight folding parts for easy transport.

Adjustable Elevation

The Osprey Elite two-stage design provides adjustable height capabilities.

On-Shot Capability

A pedestal's on-shot stroke (vertical distance the pedestal can be lifted with one smooth motion) is very important both in the studio, and on location. Osprey Elite provides an amazing 30" of on-shot stroke, making sure you achieve the shot you need.

Adjustable Dolly Track

Narrow doorways are no problem with the Osprey Elite. Simply reduce the spread of the dolly track and you are ready to go!

Steering Ring

Crab and steer movement is achieved by using the a detachable Steering Ring. The Steering Ring is equipped with two moveable indicators, allowing the camera operator to produce quick reference points for various camera positions.

Wheel Brakes

Control the wheels simply by using the durable foot-operated braking buttons.







Load Capacity

165 lbs (75kg)

Trim Ring

6.6 lbs (3kg)

Bowl Diameter/Thread

Flat, 4-Bolt

Steering Ring Diameter

21" (53.5cm)

Folded/Transport Length

26" (66cm)

Minimum Height

27.3" (69.5cm)

Maximum Height

57.6" (146.5cm)


106.8 lbs (48.5kg)


2 Year Warranty





On-Shot Stroke

30" (77cm)



Doorway Tracking Width

38" (97cm)

Transit Doorway Width

34" (86cm)

Narrow Doorway Width

27.5" (70cm)

Wheel Diameter

6.3" (16cm)


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