Falcon Eyes 290868 - Foldable Octabox SPB90 90 cm



Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox SPB90 90 cm

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Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox SPB90 90 cm

The Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox Spread SPB90 90 cm is a high quality octabox with S-bajonet, which is a suitable tool for e.g. portrait or product photography. The SPB90 is, among other things, compatible with the popular Falcon Eyes mini LED fresnel P-12.

The included diffusion cloth ensures a beautiful, even exposure of the subject without creating a hard cast shadow. The inside of the octabox is equipped with Velcro, on which the diffuse cloth as well as the optional available honeycomb can easily be placed. With the latter you can beam the light even more, while the diffuse cloth softens the light. During the development of the SPB90, high-quality materials were used, making it very robust and durable. The octabox is foldable and can easily be transported in the supplied transport bag. The unique click system ensures that you securely fasten any metal baleen.


- Type: Octabox, Foldable Octabox

- Series: Overig

- Dimensions (cm): Help Ø 70 x 55

- Connection: Linkstar S-bayonet

- Foldable: Yes

- Exchangeable speed ring: No

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