Moza ACGN03 - AirCross 2 Professional kit



3.2kg Max Payload For DSLR and mirrorless cameras
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Moza AirCross 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Professional Kit

Moza's AirCross 2 Professional Kit includes the AirCross 2 gimbal with all its standard accessories plus an iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor, Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate, and a shoe-mount Phone Holder. The AirCross 2 supports up to 7 lb loads and offers multiple modes of operation, including creative modes such as Inception mode. In Inception mode, the camera rotates constantly as you hold the gimbal in various positions, most commonly like you would on a jib.

The iFocus-M motor is a lightweight and quiet 15mm rod-mount motor that's powered via a connection to one of the CAN ports of the gimbal. It can be aligned to the focus or zoom ring of your lens and can be controlled by the gimbal handwheel or using an optional Moza hand unit from up to 328' away.

The Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate makes mounting/dismounting the camera easier, and the Phone Holder can be shoe-mounted to your camera to provide easier access to the included gimbal app.

Moza AirCross 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

With a stylish redesign, the Moza AirCross 2 features a sleek and ergonomic look and feel while also offering cutting-edge updates in many other areas over the original version, so much so that the AirCross 2 is virtually a whole other gimbal. In order to allow a clearer view of the camera LCD during operation, the AirCross 2 has an angled motor arm that prevents blocking the LCD. The camera is also mounted closer to the tilt motor to allow more stability. Furthermore, the camera can easily be switched between portrait and landscape modes via a dedicated bracket. The AirCross 2 supports most mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 7 lb, including wide-body types like the Blackmagic Pocket 4K, and those with a built-in grip such as the Nikon D5. Weighing just 2 lb, the AirCross 2 is one of the lightest gimbals in its payload class.

So that you don't have to rebalance the gimbal every time you power it on, the AirCross 2 has a 3-latch locking system. A separate lock on each axis locks all three axes when you power off the gimbal for storage or to change batteries, and when you power it back up your balance will be retained. This feature also lets you walk around with the gimbal without the axes and camera wobbling the whole time.

Another major update is the power supply aspect. The AirCross 2 features Moza's Spark Power Supply System 2.0, which consists of a battery that has its own USB charging port, meaning that you can remove the battery and plug it directly into a power supply without requiring a charger.

The AirCross 2 has several advanced shooting modes accessible at the press of a button on the gimbal. These include time-lapse capture, multiple follow modes, Inception mode, and Sports Gear mode. The included Moza app for iOS/Android (free download) provides additional creative features, among them an AI calculation function that auto-tunes the gimbal by selecting optimal parameters based on the camera load.

Another aspect of the redesign is that the camera is mounted in a way that leaves full access to its battery door and memory card (for most cameras), allowing you to swap these without removing the camera.

The gimbal controls include a customizable smart wheel, dial wheel, and smart trigger that provide direct control over select camera functions, while an OLED screen provides an intuitive display of the gimbal status and camera parameters. On the bottom of the gimbal handle there are both a 1/4"-20 and a 3/8"-16 threaded hole for attaching a mini tripod, extension handle, or other accessory.

Key Features

- Supports most mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 7 lb

- Angled motor arm for a clear view of the camera LCD

- Camera is mounted closer to the tilt motor for increased stability

- Switchable between portrait and landscape modes via a dedicated bracket

- 3-latch locking system lets you retain balance after powering off the gimbal

- Up to 12-hour runtime with included battery

- Battery features its own charging port and can be plugged directly to a USB charger

- Three CAN ports for accessories such as iFocus-M motors

- Leaves full access to the battery door and memory card for most cameras

- iOS/Android Moza app

- Auto-tuning AI calculation function

- Time-lapse capture, multiple follow modes, Inception mode, and Sports Gear mode

- OLED screen

- Weighs only 2 lb






Number of Axes

3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)

Rotation Range

Pitch (Tilt): 360°

Pitch (Tilt): 360°

 Roll: 360°

Load Capacity

0.66 to 7.05 lb / 0.3 to 3.2 kg




1 x USB Type-C

 3 x CAN

Wireless Frequency

2.4 GHz

Wireless Protocol

Bluetooth (Unspecified Type), Wi-Fi (Unspecified Type)



Capacity (mAh)

3000 mAh

Battery Runtime

12 Hours



Operating Voltage

6.4 to 8.4 VDC



Operating Temperature

32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C




1 x 1/4"-20 Male

1 x 1/4"-20 Female

 1 x 3/8"-16 Female


18.11 x 10.24 x 7.09" / 46 x 26 x 18 cm


2.09 lb / 950 g

Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor

The Moza iFocus-M is a lightweight wireless lens control motor for the Moza Air 2 and AirCross 2 gimbal. Whereas the standard iFocus motor is made of aluminum and features a built-in battery, the iFocus-M has a plastic housing and connects to the gimbal for power via an included, short Multi-CAN cable. The motor mounts on a 15mm rod via a built-in rod port and can be aligned to the focus or zoom ring. It can be controlled by the gimbal handwheel or using an optional Moza hand unit from up to 328' away.

Two iFocus-M motors can be used at the same time with the AirCross 2 because this gimbal offers two Multi-CAN ports. The gimbal handwheel can be used to control one motor and the optional hand unit the other. Alternatively, the handwheel can be switched between controlling one or the other motor via settings changes.

Key Features

- Lightweight lens control motor for Moza Air 2 and AirCross 2 gimbal

- 15mm-rod mount

- Powered via a Multi-CAN port using an included cable

- Can be controlled by gimbal handwheel or via an optional hand unit from up to 328' away

- Two units are supported on the AirCross 2, which offers two Multi-CAN ports

- Micro brushless motor with quiet, precision-fitted bearings and gears





0.25 Nm


40 Teeth, 0.8 Mod

Rod Clamp Type

15 mm

Operating Frequency

2.415 - 2.473 GHz

Transmission Distance

328' / 100 m

Control Interface


Firmware Update Port

USB Type-C


3.1 oz / 88 g

Moza AirCross 2 Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate

The AirCross 2 Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate from Moza is a compact plate that allows you to attach your camera in portrait mode on the AirCross 2 gimbal. It slides into the mounting platform on the side of the motor arm.






Material of Construction



0.4 x 1.5 x 2" / 1 x 3.8 x 5 cm


1.3 oz / 37 g

Moza Shoe Mount Smartphone Holder

Featuring a cold shoe, the Moza Shoe Mount Smartphone Holder is designed to attach to your camera's shoe mount, or likewise any other shoe mount. It's adjustable to support phones up to 3.15" in width.






Supported Smartphone Dimensions

3.15" / 8 cm Width

Material of Construction



0.9 x 1.1 x 3.3" / 2.4 x 2.8 x 8.5 cm


2.1 oz / 60 g


Verschiedene Support / Grip

Monitor 4 - 9 Inch Zubehör

Kameralicht Zubehör

Zubehör Handkamerastabilisierungs System

Handkamerastabilisierungs System

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