Sennheiser EM3732-11-WB - 2-channel diversity receiver



2-channel diversity receiver, ranges: 470-638 MHz and 614-798 MHz, HiDyn + / HDX companders,...
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Sennheiser 2-channel Diversity Receiver

The EM 3731/3732-II series is characterized by high transmission reliability, exceptional audio quality and simple operation. A switching bandwidth of up to 184 MHz, more than double that of its predecessors, combined with a range of connection options guarantee optimal flexibility for daily use. The integrated Ethernet connection means that the receivers can be linked into any network. The AES3/EBU digital audio interface facilitates a direct connection to digital mixing consoles. Sennheiser's "Wireless Systems Manager" (WSM) software allows you to monitor and control all receiver operating statuses remotely. In addition, this versatile software now lets you reset the channel allocation at any time and store it as a "Scene". A new innovative WSM feature for multi-channel operation is the immediate identification of the channel allocated to each receiver at the press of a button. A high-contrast display and intuitive user interface complete the scope of features of this high-quality receiver.


- Up to 184 MHz switching bandwidth

- Digital AES 3 audio output with external word clock synchronisation

- Integrated antenna splitter for daisy-chaining up to eight devices

- Intuitive user interface with OLED display

- Network integration via ethernet for use of the WSM software on Macs and PCs

- DSP-based HiDyn plus and HDX expander

- Transformer balanced audio outputs

- Scanning function

- Frequencies adjustable in steps of 5 kHz

- Squelch setting displayed continously


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