Tiffen 56CGSUN2V - 5X6 Clr/Sunset 2 Grad Ve Filter



5X6 Clr/Sunset 2 Grad Ve Filter
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The 5 x 6" Graduated Sunset 2 Filter from Tiffen is an exciting filter. It enhances reality, adding a touch of subtlety or drama to the image. When you can't get to the southwest for that awesome sunset, this filter will come in handy. Your friends will think you were on assignment for a travel magazine.

Sometimes it is also desirable to add color to part of the photograph. For example, to add an orange/yellow tint to bump up the effect and punch of the sky. Tiffen Color Graduated filters are half-color, half-clear, with a graduated transition for blending into the scene. Tiffen Graduated Sunset filters are available in grades from 1-3, with 3 having the greatest effect.

The Graduated Sunset 2 filter will provide a multi-layered sunset effect with a red sky blending down into orange and then yellow, with the bottom of the filter clear. The 2 version increases contrast and provides more intensity to the image.

Some of the Most Popular Applications Include

- Adding color excitement to a drab sky
- Changing the specific color in a scene to create a desired special effect
- Enhancing the existing color or creating subtle color drama
- Creating more balanced exposure in uneven lighting conditions
- Tiffen graduated filters are available in an array of colors

ColorCore Technology

- Tiffen filters are manufactured using ColorCore technology, a closely guarded proprietary process that entails permanently laminating the filter material in between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to tolerances of a ten-thousandth of an inch, then mounting them in precision metal rings
- The ColorCore process allows Tiffen to control the color and density of their filters, and the characteristics of special effects filters with much greater accuracy than typical dyed-in-the-mass filters, which usually exhibit color and density variations

Superior Quality

- Top Hollywood motion picture studios rely on Tiffen filters for their multimillion-dollar productions
- Superior quality and design make Tiffen the overwhelming choice of moviemakers, professional photographers and even NASA
- Tiffen has also been awarded an Emmy, from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for its engineering excellence




Color Graduated Sunset


5 x 6" (125 x 150mm, 4mm thick)



Filter Factor

Not Specified by Manufacturer


Not Applicable


Not Applicable


Stronger than a Grade 1, this filter brings more color to the image rendering it more intense in appearance


Nature, scenic and landscape photography

Color Temperature

Not Specified by Manufacturer


ColorCore Glass

Front Filter Thread Size

Not Applicable

Front Lens Cap Size

Not Applicable

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