Xeus XE-PO-HD1CH - SD/HD Playout Automation



SD/HD Playout Automation
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XeusPlayout automation have simple, easy to use, drag-and-drop interface which makes playout operations smooth and robust.

The software is designed for 24/7/365 automated file playback operations with live input and internal – external events.

XeusPlayout has flexible operation modes to fit all broadcaster’s needs. Some features such as Play – Cue mode is specially designed for studio operations.

Action buttons, Incoming Video Preview, Thumbnail support, Sub-Playlist are few neat features to mention about Xeus Playout.

Our Software is perfect fit for Studio Playback or Master Control in TV Channels, Educational, and Governmental institutions as well as Web TV, IP TV, Satellite Teleports, City Channels etc.

XeusPlayout Features

- Multi-Channel Playout ( Up to 4 channel full HD playout on single server )
- Seamless switching between media files and live video inputs.
- Mixed playout (Files of various resolution, frame rate, audio-video compression or file container in the same playlist).
- PlayCue mode for studio and news operations. Resume playlist after Playcue mode.
- Mixing PAL and NTSC files in one playlist, keeping proper frame rate and interlacing format.
- Built in Media Explorer for easy and fast file access by drag and drop.
- On-Air playlist editing. Add, remove or reorder the list of media files during playback.
- Support for live sources as playlist items. Live Source Audio-Video Preview in the user interface. Multi live source preset support
- Built in Logo Generator. Bug overlay on live sources or media files. Auto logo resize ( based on the output settings ). Logo in out effects.
- Audio-Video parameter adjustment for each media file in playlist (Interlacing, Aspect ratio, Aspect ratio correction, Color , Gain adjustment).
- Action Buttons. Ability to assign various operations on buttons like media file , playlist, subplaylist , live source , note , events.
- Media Trimmer and Splitter. Nondestructive editing for each and every file in playlist.
- Embedded audio VU meters. Ability mute audio or increase audio level for each media files. Audio downmix is supported.
- Color adjustment (Adjust gain, brightness, contrast, black level, white level, YUV components separately for each file on playlist).
- Progressive and Interlaced video support. Auto field detection.
- Built in Audio-Video preview. Secondary preview available.
- Multi  Counters : Station Time, Current Media Remaining Time, Current Media Played Time, Playlist Played Time, Playlist Remaining Time
- Daily Playlist. Different tabs for daily playlist and normal playlists. Sub playlist support makes operations more smooth.
- Separate audio video file playback. (M2V ,M4V , M2T , m2a , aac , aiff , aif , aifc ,wav etc. support)
- Frame-accurate trimming (setting of cue in-cue out points) for each media file in playlist.
- XML playlist structure. Playlist import and export as XML and Excel file.
- Output background (Media file, static image, live source, solid colors (Black ,Blue etc. ) or Color bars with tone) when playout is stopped.
- Asrun Logs. Selectable metadata to be displayed in the logs.
- Thumbnail support for media files.
- GAP , Autofill , Overlap features.
- Video router support

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