Sennheiser 3-PACK-e835-S - 3x Handheld Dynamic Microphone with Switch



Sennheiser is pleased to announce the addition of the evolution 3-PACK e835-S to our...
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The e835-S THREE PACK from Sennheiser is a bundle of three switched e835-S cardioid dynamic microphones in a value-added package. These rugged handheld mics offers excellent feedback rejection, minimal proximity effect, and a gentle presence boost for clarity. They can be used for speech, vocals, lectures, and more.

The e835 microphone is equipped with a noiseless on/off switch and XLR output, and is a popular choice for houses of worship, stages, presentations, or conferences where speech intelligibility is critical. In addition, the e835-S THREE PACK from Sennheiser provides a mic clip for each microphone and carrying pouches.

- Dynamic cardioid microphone for speech and vocals with noiseless on/ off switch

- Cuts through high on-stage levels

- Clear reproduction with a high presence

- Consistent sound quality (varying distances, moving off axis)

- Handles high sound pressure levels

- Isolates handling noise

- Excellent feedback rejection

- Rugged metal housing

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